Angelo Uyttenhove – Responsible for designing molds for Zamak and Plastic products.

I’m Angelo Uyttenhove, Process Engineer and responsible for designing the molds for Zamak and Plastic products of Sobinco (Belgium).

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Before meeting Roberto, there was a gap between the theoretically calculated values and the results recorded in production.

The “feeling” of the Zamak process between engineers and operators was also different.
There was also a problem maintaining and reproducing certain pieces with the same quality.

We decided to contact Roberto because we wanted to know how we could close this gap between theory and production and be more efficient in design and production and with a higher and higher quality standard.

With the training course (with Roberto) we got more insight in the process, what to do and what not, and thereby get more knowledge and capability to find problems in current mold.

After this training we changed step by step and we have now a couple of new mold that are calculated with the “Zama Scarto Zero” method and the results are amazing.

Also older mold with problems we have fixed using this method.

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